Friday, 26 April 2013

What Is a Tiger Lily?

Tiger lilies are perennial plants with striking orange flowers. There are actually two plants that go by the name "tiger lily." Lilium lancifolium are grown from bulbs; their flowers are spotted and orange. Hemerocallis fulva are orange day lilies grown from tuberous roots. n

Lilium Lancifolium

Lilium lancifolium, also referred to as the "Oriental variety," is native to eastern Asia. It grows well in most parts of the United States. It is grown from a bulb, but may also multiply by bulblets, which grow from the roots; bulb scales, which grow from the bulb; and seed-like bulbils that grow along the stem of the plant.

Hemerocallis Fulva

Hemerocallis fulva, often referred to as the "wildflower variety," is a prolific plant sometimes called a "Ditch Lily" because it is often found growing wild in ditches. Once established, Hemerocallis fulva will return and multiply year after year. They are found throughout most of the United States.

Interesting Facts

Both Lilium lancifolium and Hemerocallis fulva have edible roots, buds and flowers. Both types are said to relieve congestion and nausea. However, tiger lilies can be poisonous to cats, and the pollen can be toxic to humans. An old superstition states that if you smell a tiger lily, you will get freckles.


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